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Compare IR and Low Light Technology

See the difference between standard, super low lux, and IR CCTV security cameras.

Use this tool to see how different no light and low light camera implementations compare. The use of no IR illuminator, a built-in IR, or an external IR illuminator will have a significant impact on image quality.

  1. Normal light - this shows how the scene appears under regular indoor lighting conditions.
  2. Low light with day/night cam - although this is a day/night camera it does not have IR illumination and needs ambient light to capture an image.
  3. Low light with low lux cam - this image is generated by an extremely low light black and white camera without an IR illuminator.
  4. No light day/night cam with IR illuminator - this day/night camera is in black and white mode with an external IR illuminator next to it.
  5. No light low lux with IR illuminator - this image is from a low light camera using an external IR illuminator.
  6. No light with built in IR - this camera has the IR illuminator built into the camera.
  7. No light with built in IR and IR illuminator - although this camera has a built-in IR illuminator it is also using an external IR illuminator to increase IR strength.

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